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Promoting life sciences technologies in China through investing and establishing international collaborations.
At GIBF we invest through a unique model that provides Israeli, European and American companies with tailor-made pathways to enter the Chinese market. As opposed to the common distribution or local partnership models, GIBF helps establish and invests into Chinese JVs in partnership with international technology companies. The foreign company (parent company) remains as the majority shareholder of the JV, responsible for the management, operations and long-term vision of the JV. Our model therefore allows the IP and the value created in China to remain in the hands of the parent companies.
Our Strategy
Provides gateway to the Chinese market with on-the-ground support to international companies

In addition to our significant investment, and with the help of our dedicated local team of medical and regulatory experts, we have created an effective ecosystem encompassing top-tier hospitals, KOLs, NMPA officials and regulatory consulting agencies (CROs), which expedites clinical trials, regulatory submissions and market entry for international companies.

With years of life sciences expertise, private equity investment experience, local knowledge based on over a decade of activity in China, and numerous foreign companies already established in China, GIBF serves as an invaluable strategic investor and partner in China with a proven ability and track record of conducting multi-center clinical trials in top-tier Chinese hospitals, providing the resources and networks for securing successful NMPA submissions, commercializing and manufacturing capacity to satisfy both local and global demand.