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GIBF's unique structure and local partnerships allow introducing promising foreign technological companies to China with no barriers of language, culture and trust

As one of the largest and most prosperous cities in China, Guangzhou has an advanced healthcare system supported by a great number of comprehensive universities and triple A affiliated hospitals. With a growing biotechnology industry, Guangzhou has a suitable infrastructure to support international companies seeking to conduct local or multicenter clinical trials in China.

GIBF has established strong foothold in Guangzhou where it enjoys extensive support from local government and the Guangzhou Development District (GDD) as its local strategic partner and anchor investor. With several permanent state-owned companies as its investors and limited partners (LPs), GIBF has a unique position to facilitate cross border investments in international biotechnology companies.

Guangzhou Industrial Investment Fund

•    Investment fund funded by the Guangzhou Municipal Government
•    Total managed capital exceeding RMB 80 billion 
•    Participation in government funding, private equity, angel investment funds, venture capital funds, pre-listing financing, private equity investments in listed companies (PIPEs), mergers, urban development funds, Internet financing, fixed income and other financial businesses

Guangzhou Hi-tech Investment Group

•    Founded in 1984, one of the earliest state-owned enterprises in Guangzhou Development Zone
•    Has developed into a large-scale state-owned company focusing on biomedical and life science industry investment, with assets exceeding 78 billion yuan 

Guangzhou International Bio-Island

•    The core carrier of the National Biological Industry Base of Guangzhou
•    Research, industrial, living and commercial infrastructure for life sciences companies in the heart of the city
•    Having multiple life science enterprises, high-tech personnel, and information systems
•    Full set of government, business, and living services

Guangzhou Guoju Venture Capital

•    A subsidiary of Guangzhou Hi-tech Investment Group
•    Total managed capital exceeding RMB 3 billion 
•    An important capital operation platform for government enterprise cooperation, industry finance cooperation, and investment in the entire biopharmaceutical industry chain

Guangzhou Hengyun Enterprises Group

•    State owned energy concern headquartered in Guangzhou and listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange
•    Mainly engaged in power and thermal power generation and transmission business
•    Provide power and Steam engine desulfurization services within Guangdong Province

Guangzhou Baiyunshan Pharmaceuticals Group

•    One of the largest pharmaceutical companies in China
•    Over 30 subsidiaries, including multiple listed companies
•    Multiple well-known brands including Wang Laoji (with a brand value of 108 billion yuan), Baiyunshan (with a brand value of 28 billion yuan), and Chen Liji(with a brand history of more than 400 years)